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Upgrading Program

ISTVS Upgrading program

Based on the experience in implementing the ISTVS higher Diploma curriculum it was apparent that the content of the Diploma was very comprehensive and only needed a few additional remedial subjects to attain a degree level of competence. Therefore, the ISTVS Academic Board recommended the following structure of the upgrading program to attain the degree Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine to be as follows.

One additional full year of two semesters is required. Students use the first semester of the fourth year to compensate for all subjects in which ISTVS Diploma curriculum is deficient while the second semester students will be utilised for internships of animal clinic including community outreach, diagnostic and food hygiene laboratories as well as internship in slaughterhouse.

The tables below show the modules of the program.

Year Four Semester One

Code Course Name CU
BVM4111 Obstetrics and Genecology 3
BVM4112 Aquaculture 3
BVM4113 Bee keeping and Honey production 2
BVM4114 Surgery 3
BVM4115 Histopathology 4
BVM4116 Infectious Transboundry and Reportable Disease and  Biosecurity 2
BVM4117 Wildlife management 2
BVM4118 Research Methods 2
BVM4119 The role of Climate change and gender on animal Health productivity 2

Year Four Semester Two

Code Course Name CU
BVM421 Clinical Internship and Community outreach 4
BVM422 Research Project 4
BVM423 Abattoir internship 4
BVM424 Laboratory Internship 4

Eligibility for the program

All ISTVS graduates of both DLHS and DLDPE diploma are eligible to apply to join the program without any further exam.

Other graduates from external institutions with IGAD region or beyond can apply to join the program but they should sit and pass an ISTVS exam in addition to show genuine certificates and transcripts.


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