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ISTUS Ambulatory Clinic C-Section extension services to the community.

ISTUS Ambulatory Clinic C-Section extension services to the community.

ISTUS Ambulatory Clinic C-Section extension services to the community.

IGAD Sheikh Technical University of Sciences animal clinic was designed to support academic studies policy which is based on learning by doing, the clinic hands-on practical training for the students. It is the demonstration center for awareness creation of the community, animal health workers (CAHW) pharmacists and also targets extracurricular trainings/workshops. It also supports ISTUS Reference Center by conducting research on livestock production and health problems.

During the last few weeks, the clinic attended to several complicated dystocia cases. Dystocia refers to an abnormal or difficult birth. Causes include maternal factors (uterine inertia, inadequate size of the birth canal) and/or fetal factors (oversized fetus, abnormal orientation as the fetus enters the birth canal).

Dystocia is a major cause of deaths in goats, sheep, and cattle often leading to the loss of kids or dam or both, hence. This results into economic loss to the farmers. ISTUS Animal clinic helps farmers to save the dam and kids through a surgical procedure known as a Caesarian Section (C-section). The procedure involves delivery of calves/kids/lambs through incisions in the abdomen and uterus.

A goat dystocia case was brought to ISTUS on the 5th February 2021. The goat had been in labour for 24 hours, but unable to deliver the kid due to the abnormal orientation of the fetus. It successfully delivered the kid through surgical operation at the ISTUS Clinic.

A kid safely delivered through C-section which saved both kid and doe

The ISTUS clinic attendant with students and the owner of the cow.

On March 10, 2021, the clinic received an emergency call regarding a case of dystocia in a cow in Gugux village, located North-East of Sheikh. The ISTUS clinic attendant and some students went and successfully removed a dead fetus through a surgical incision.

ISTUS Clinic Attendant

Ismail Ali Awaleh


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