IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary
School and Reference Centre (ISTVS)
+252 2 730118

Faculty and Staff


Name Designation Academic Qualifications Program Speciality
Dr. Fred Wesonga ISTVS Principal PhD Administ/ Academic Epidemiology
Ali Abdulahi Shaqale Administrator BBA Administration
Juweria Ahmed Nur Secretary Accountant BAA Administration
Abdikalaq Abdirahman Moge Logistician BA Administration
Abdiqadir Jama Mahamud Academic Registrar BA Administration


Name Designation Qualifications Program Speciality
Dr. Abdullahi Sheikh Mohamed  Dean of Studies PhD DIPLOMA Clinics and Therapeutics
Dr. Abdullahi Ali Herzi Lecturer MSc DIPLOMA Epidemiology
Dr. Nuh Haji Abdi Camir Lecturer, HOD Basic Vet Science BVM DIPLOMA Pathology and Pharmacology
Mohamed Aden Ahmed Lecturer BBA, BSc DIPLOMA Information Technology
Rita Nabea Lecturer BA Ed DIPLOMA English
Kiptoo Enock Lecturer MSc DEAM Economist
Kenneth Tembe Lecturer MSc DEAM Crop Science
Dr. Jaabir Hussein  Lecturer PhD DEAM Environmentalist
Robert Waweru Lecturer MA DEAM Sociologist
Haileselassie Geberemariam Lecturer, HOD DEAM MSc DEAM Animal Production
Mohamed Abdirahman Lecturer MSc DEAM Soil Science
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Lecturer  DVM Diploma Public Health
Chrispinus Mutsami Lecturer MSc DIPLOMA Economics
Bernard Githinji Lecturer MSc DEAM Agricultural Economics
Kahsay Aregawi Lecturer  MSc  DEAM Land resource and water management
Wycliffe Ongachi Lecturer MSc DEAM Agricultural Extension
Kireba Amuza Librarian BSc Library Library Science
Kaltun Muse Mohamed Library Assistant BSc Library Library Science
Anyika Godfrey Lab Technologist Diploma DEAM Technologist
Dr. Muse Mohamed Awale Lab Technician and Lecturer DVM DIPLOMA Lab Technician and Lecturer
Dr. Amina Hussein Lab Technician and Lecturer DVM DIPLOMA Lab Technician and Lecturer
Nashad Farah Lab Technician Diploma DIPLOMA Lab Technician
Ismail Ali Awale Lab Technician Diploma DIPLOMA Lab Technician



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