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Agripreneurship Alliance

Agripreneurship Alliance

Agripreneurship Alliance
Impact Story
The Agripreneurship Alliance entered into a partnership with the IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary
Training School (ISTVS), Somaliland, in 2018 to support their students through the provision of the
‘Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness’ course. Since 2018 20 young African agri-food entrepreneurs
have participated in the course at ISTVS and 4 high-quality business plans have been completed and
submitted to the Agripreneurship Alliance for review.

Nasra Ibrahim
IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School (ISTVS) alongside other institutions in Kenya and Uganda
are currently in a partnership program with the Agripreneurship Alliance through the SIANI Expert
Group programme. In an effort to build capacity among the university students on agripreneurial
skills. To this end, students at IGAD Sheikh Technical and Veterinary School (ISTVS) continue to
benefit from a two months training course tailored to equip them with the knowledge and
techniques required in drafting a competitive business plan. This offers the students an opportunity
to develop skills on how to identify agribusiness niches, plan and execute the idea. The institution
has successfully graduated two cohorts since the inception of the course.

Training Session at IGAD Sheikh Technical and Veterinary School

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